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Are you wondering about the best ways to clean carpets? Here are the best carpet cleaning answers!

Questions? You might find the answers you’re looking for at our FAQ page. This page unveils the practical ways of carpet cleaning, leaving no doubts and errors. We aim to provide you with all the answers you need, so come back for updates!

Does carpet cleaning entail the use of strong and harmful chemicals?

Most carpet cleaning products include chemicals that help achieve better results. Carpet cleaning may involve different types of cleaning materials including solvents, powders, detergents and other chemical solutions that are safe to use and only have very minimal effect to the environment. Experts at Carpet Cleaning Lakewood recommend that you use the mildest and eco-friendly products as much as possible so not to cause chemical allergies and other possible health risks.

Do I need to move my furniture during the carpet cleaning procedure?

If you can, then it would be better to move your furniture as far from the carpet as possible. This is to make sure they do not get any damages from chemicals or unexpected falling objects throughout the whole cleaning procedure. It is also highly advisable that you keep the most valuable items you have around the carpet away from the cleaning area. Space is needed to clean carpets effectively.

Does it make sense using dry carpet cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning is not completely useless. However, the cleaning experts in Lakewood say that it is not intended for thorough cleaning. It is not as capable as steam or other wet carpet cleaning methods in removing stains and spots. It may take away some of the undesirable odors on your carpets but it still not as effective as other cleaning methods.

Why are some cleaning agents dangerous to my carpet?

Our cleaning experts from Carpet Cleaning Lakewood have found that a good number of cleaning agents contain high pH. This means that they are too strong and can take the color out of your carpet, or sometimes leave residue behind.

What is hot water extraction?

It is a common carpet cleaning method where hot water and cleaning solution is applied on to the carpet under high pressure and then sucked out of it. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is among the most effective means of carpet cleaning. There also variations of performing this cleaning process.

Is it necessary to schedule an appointment with the carpet cleaner?

While it is not absolutely necessary, it is highly advisable since carpet cleaning services may be too busy for immediate servicing. Decide on a day when you wish your carpet to be serviced and give the company a call a week before.

How effective is bleach for mold removal?

This treatment works well on some surfaces such as concrete, but it is not safe at all for tiles and carpets. Bleach can cause major damage to both carpet fibers and the coloring. That is why specially designed treatments have to be used. It is equally important for the cause of the problem to be eliminated as well. The room should have optimal moisture levels.

How often should I vacuum rugs?

This depends on the traffic they get. Generally, more frequent vacuuming will prevent dirt particles from going down the pile and becoming more difficult to remove. If you step on the rug and dust comes out, it is definitely time for cleaning.

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