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There are plenty of great tips in the field of carpet cleaning on this page. They are simple to understand and easy to follow. Use them to keep the floor treatments in your home or office in top condition at all times. Read the tips now and apply them to enjoy superb results for a long time to come.

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Follow our tips and you'll have clean carpets and sofas. The best ideas for rug cleaning!
Did you spot mildew on grout? Learn how to remove it and why it is important to avoid placing carpets in high moisture rooms.

Grouts need special attention

Most tiles are cleaned easily but grout cleaning may be a very tiring process. Our carpet cleaning service in Lakewood suggests sealing of the grout with special coatings for the avoidance of over-concentrated dirt. The problem is that grout is a very absorbent material and, apart from dust, it will also collect high amounts of moisture since it's usually placed in bathrooms and eventually mold will grow.

Avoid placing carpets in humid places

There is a reason why most people would choose tiles over carpets for the floors in the bathroom, kitchen and basement. These are the most usual rooms with high moisture levels and will have immediate effects on your carpets and health. Tile cleaning is much easier than mold removal and don't forget that kitchen floors get dirty daily. Thus, you will need constant carpet cleaning.

Clean thoroughly

Sometimes simple carpet cleaning is not enough. There are those who feel that a quick vacuuming job actually cleans their carpets. However, this can be a waste of effort since carpets that are not cleaned thoroughly are still dirty carpets. There may be molds and mildew that have grown deeper under the surface that cannot be reached by a quick sweep or vacuum. Clean thoroughly!

The best rule to keep the carpet clean

"No outside shoes allowed." This is the best rule when it comes to keeping carpets and rugs immaculately clean. By just adhering to this one rule, you will eliminate the majority of the dirt and debris that gets tracked on your carpet. Have comfortable indoor sandals ready by the door so that everyone coming in could easily change into them.

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