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Must-do’s to Avoid Carpet Water Damage

12/16/2014 Back To Blog

One of the highly important services of professional carpet cleaning companies is water damage restoration. This type of service is usually popular in places struck by sudden flooding. However, the damage restoration efforts may not always be successful. That’s why it is important to know some “first aid” pointers to prevent carpets from fully getting damaged by water and the infestation of molds.

Getting Rid of the Water

Must-do’s to Avoid Carpet Water DamageThe key to preventing water damage is water extraction or the removal of water from the carpet. It is very important to dry the carpet as soon as possible. It should not be soaked in water, especially in murky and contaminated water from the sewage or other similar sources. The drying and dehumidifying process, obviously, isn’t going to be easy. If the floor can’t be drained, you will have to fetch the water out or use some equipment that can suck the water away.

Of course, water removal is only a portion of the process. The more crucial drying process also needs to be hastened. To facilitate faster evaporation, you have to open all windows and doors. You can use fans to enhance air circulation and make evaporation even faster. If there are removable wet items on the floor, a rug for example, be sure to take them out. If you have a dehumidifier you can activate it as well, especially if your carpets are still damp at night or when the weather is getting cloudy or too humid.

Preventing Mold and Mildew Growth

As much as possible, requiring a professional mold damage cleanup and repair should be avoided. Once the molds and mildew start proliferating, it will already be very challenging to get rid of them. That’s why, before fully drying the carpets, it is recommended having the carpets sanitized or treated with disinfectants or antimicrobial agents, along with the walls and baseboards. Mold and other fungal spores can reside elsewhere before thriving on the carpets so you have to make sure that they won’t have a place to reside in.

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